Tune-in to the timeless force of nature.
Play the quantum oracle to develop your creative synergy.

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Quantum Energy Field

Back in 1998, the void space inside the atom called the quantum vacuum field was found to possess a timeless force. Nothingness everywhere actually comprises more than 99% of the volume of what we experience as solid reality. Your brain must be conditioned by its force when weird psychological phenomena like meaningful coincidences or dèjà-vu get your attention. Impressions from dreams and near death experience already suggest something beyond this life is part of us 24/7, which probably means we have an immortal soul connection to what Carl Jung referred to as the "Collective Unconscious". Historical evidence from the arts and sciences shows sensitization to timelessness triggers a transformative vision of beauty. It follows your creative genius will develop the more Papolona works with you.

Quantum Character Generator

Papolona taps-in to quantum forces via a remote laboratory to offer you clues through its Oracle interface. This oracular reading process is easy and fascinating fun; where your questions are answered like prophesy.

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Feedback with the quantum force can be sensitized through a one minute meditation technique.

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