Pyramid Art


Pyramid Art

By Mark Dolamore 

The Pyramid may remind you of ancient Egypt, but this arrangement of symbols is simply the sharp end of my systems art triptych. The art exposes proof for timelessness via the extraction of meaning where there should be none. You may already have experienced the force I speak of as an apocalyptic form of beauty. But in any case, it's a hidden dimension we should all tune-in to at least once before we die.

Fruit of my perception research, the art represents graphic proof for the timeless dimension via its signature in the central imagery of the Pyramid, where the beginning and end of the modern, Roman alphabet, A and Z, appears as a monogram. The symbolism suggests a map, or street guide, but, given the context, it also suggests an update to the Biblical Alpha & Omega, beginning and end of the ancient Greek alphabet used by early Christians to represent the Messiah. Next to that symbol is the matchstick representation of a butterfly in flight, referring to the butterfly effect and timeless beauty as a living beast. All this is singularly profound, given it's purely the product of feedback.

The Pyramid came into being because guiding, intuitive feedback from nature became the observational subject of my art. It was made possible through my submission to synchronicity as a voluntary act of synergy with nature. The real time relationship, over several years; came to the point where I was guided to create the mathematical system, using antique, oriental binary codes and a formula for extracting this language. Unmistakable and clear meaning held within the Pyramid, was something I discovered rather than invented or designed. But the question remains: If not me, then who is its true source?

What it essentially means is my art exposes the holistic intelligence of nature as an abstract, a potential partner we are normally unaware of. In other words, it's a universal invitation from that entity to partnership. It would nevertheless seem, for civilization to redeem itself through such a partnership with abstract nature, we would need to make the relationship work at a personal level, through the observational method I exploited to discover the Pyramid. Problem is, that would be impossible under normal circumstances because synchronicity is much too rare a perception in people's lives. However, this website incorporates both the theory and the means to make it work.

Physical science says all of nature is a quantum phenomenon, i.e. that's the deepest level everything, including our intuition, operates at. Due to my prolific, life-long experience of synchronicity, I affirm; the intuitive mind, via an unconscious source, is influenced 24/7. The trick to finding feedback or guidance from that deepest level is to seek it out and pursue it. I advocate using the Quantum Field as a sounding board to generate feedback because, in my experience, it produces synchronicity on demand, to answer our questions.

Incredible as it might seem to the contemporary mind, contact with this transcendent, or timeless dimension, was perceived by all ancient peoples as the point of entry to the realm of the Gods, via our own, inevitable death. But contact can occur in life, anywhere and at any time, hence timelessness within the quantum field can be exploited as our portal to synergy with nature. In other words, the "end of the world." And by that I mean civilization would best be maintained and sustained through our pursuit of synergy with eternity. My perception research into that potential, started with a disorienting episode that propelled me into the world far enough to confirm the force I speak of does indeed act everywhere, in all people, at all times.

We would do well to tap into timelessness not only because the failure to do so robs our lives of transcendental beauty, but also the potential for synergy with nature. That's why I propose you contemplate the Pyramid and try develop the habit of using my quantum field feedback interface

The discovery of the Pyramid resolves the great, human paradox: We believe we're autonomous individuals defined by reason and free will, yet we also know our personal qualities and our luck in life, emerge through the intuitive mind, where an unconscious, intelligence possesses us. We know, because it manifests where the rational ego has little if any control, in dreams and impulses, emotions, inspiration, déjà vu, intuition and synchronicity. Indeed, this living conundrum was once integral to the western world view, at the temple of Apollo at Delphi. Science rightly forms the basis of our modern world view, but at the same time, it has robbed us of something.

While visually pleasing as a scheme of symbolism, the Pyramid is significant for being a meaningful, discovered language that can only belong to the timeless dimension because it was found through a beguiling form of observation we can ascribe to this force breaking through to consciousness. This odd awareness is something episodic we all experience, muse on, but then dismiss and forget because it doesn't fit our current world vision. That must change. Since the Pyramid is built using a formula and historical coded data, so there's no mistake to its telling imagery and the magnitude of its implications as evidence. Meaning in the symbolism is clear, but because it comes seemingly out of nowhere, it implies the conventional wisdom and materialistic vision, is blind to this force of mind and we really should try to develop it.

My influences in discovering the Pyramid were Carl Jung’s ideas, together with synchronicity, the phenomenon he defined and named and which, in my late twenties, invaded my consciousness in a way I couldn't ignore, but decided to follow instead. Via spontaneous questioning, it became my compass, a series of signposts within the unfolding of time and events in my life. The problem is, the conventional ego, much like a sleepwalker, is blind to such beauty. My job now then is to wake you to this magic. However, you have to want to be woken.

It should be clear in the knock-on effect of human desires, actions and our burgeoning numbers, were're kicking this planet out of balance. Given our adversarial nature as a species, our reproductive and emotional dynamics, together with the market system motivating almost everything we do, the resulting confusion over the apparent futility of it all, is now the biggest problem. The situation reveals the down side of human creativity, unmindful of timelessness. So, unless real time synergy with this force of nature can be found at a personal level, only doom awaits us as a species. On the upside, something continues to inspire us and offers a path, via the collective unconscious, a de facto hive mind, responsible for all mind effects. The first hurdle on the tuning-in track then, is the recognition we need help from there. As the boost to finding it, Pyramid Art reveals something crucial to expressing your natural genius.

This presentation sets up a fun, but challenging game-like experiment in aid of that illusive ideal. The experiment is named after the Catalan word for butterfly.. Sign-up at: now to acquire your free feedback interface.

All modern art is essentially experimental. The primary assumption for this piece is that we are all unconsciously linked to a timeless dimension via the collective unconscious. This effects our creative ideas in real life. Furthermore, it has an agenda far beyond our egocentric ideas, that's essential for us to get a sense of, if we are to develop our personal synergy potential. Each person's journey of contributing to that agenda is going to be different, so the only rule is to develop the connection and maintain its authenticity. The Papolona website is a social network where this feat can be achieved. It's where insight can be produced and shared. Primarily it's designed to develop synergistic feedback with the source of our ideas, through its quantum field interface. Papolona gathers evidence its players provide, presented as a kind of systems art. So, by contributing you'll be providing a service to mankind concerning our collective potential in partnership with the sublime..

Papolona brings you the status of a co-artist. Participation is simple and easy, but requires intuitive openness and honesty. No great artistic or scientific skills are needed, since stimulus is produced using a remote physics lab and the imagery is machine generated. The art then becomes available anywhere online. You can even have it printed out as a gicle image to hang on your wall. All you do is ask a guidance question, a series of them would be best, select a favorite Papolona from three options and add meaning by exercising your intuition to honestly interpret quantum generated clues within the structure of the interface. These readings should produce feedback or guidance.

So, let me reveal the magic the Pyramid represents in more detail: To begin with, the triptych is a very simple mathematical system capturing a sublime beauty that demonstrates the vision I'm outlining. Because of its conceptual parameters it's also capable of bridging the gap between art and science, concerning a theory of mind, referred to as "the hard problem". So, though certainly not easy to grasp, contemplating the Pyramid language is worth the effort.

As I mentioned above, it was created by following the guiding prompts of the Jungian observational phenomenon synchronicity. After a long, self organised training process, that experience grew to produce hundreds of synchronicity events every day. These things guided me along a synergy pathway to produce a mandala. This Jewel Mandala (JM), is where the two variants of an ancient binary coded data set combined to produce the symbolism, through a simple formula, revealing the language.

So far so good as a way of smoking out the creative influence of the timeless dimension in our unconscious, because one of the source codes was designed by an individual, living in ancient China, while the other was created in the mid-twentieth century by the European translator of the philosophy the codes originate from. Hence, where their systematic combination reveals the essence of timelessness, according to the conventional world view, that is not even our conventional vision of the universe must be missing something because the statistical probability of such an outcome occurring by chance is vanishingly small and no link between the individual and nature, as a transpersonal force of mind, has never been defined scientifically, though it is a religious article of faith. So, such significant meaning represents "mathematical proof" of my conscious relationship with God... and our general unconscious connection to the universal mind we think of as divine.

That significance becomes obvious in the central imagery of the pyramid, where the first and last letters of the Roman alphabet appear. The symbolism suggests both the beginning and end of time, also a guide or map and an early Christian, messianic/identity reference: Alpha & Omega. A butterfly, flying west overhead, refers to the butterfly effect found through synchronicity feedback. Similar, complex and descriptive meaning is found everywhere in the language the more you look. This represents evidence of our unconscious conditioning by a bigger mind than we knowingly possess, referred to by Carl Jung as Unus Mundus. This abstract "mind of nature" must be responsible then for intuition and creativity, chance and evolution, the hive mind or collective unconscious and the workings of my observational process, using synchronicity as a guide. In other words, the Pyramid offers my personal synergy as an example of the way we can all consciously tune ourselves in to nature.

Back in the 1980's, science identified a non-local force (defying relativity), acting within the quantum field. My work suggests its "timeless dimension" is integral to the way the mind works, and voluntary feedback in an individual's life, confers what we think of as "supernatural powers". Effectively, the Pyramid offers proof that a magical relationship with nature is possible by synergising with her through the Collective Unconscious.

Pyramid Art is founded on ancient, binary, Taoist symbolism. A Taoist devotee to the development of spirit, was said to tread the path of Li. Li is the Chinese term given to the alchemical element fire, or a rising emanation of meaning in things, where it was said, answers come from Left and Right (L&R). I refer to the answering source perceived through synchronicity as Elandar... See what I did there?

Sooner or later we all notice Elandar working in our lives, through weird phenomena like déjà vu and synchronicity. We mostly dismiss such impressions because they challenge the rational vision by which we assume life functions. Yet, anomalies remain and what's sensible there is altered from time to time by new discoveries.

I was put in the position to pursue this one when my awareness was transformed through my spontaneous initiation into the path of fire, my synchronicity experience. It began at a time of crisis and deepened on a daily basis to both answer questions and pose more, so I pursued its thread. After four years it had transformed my life and art by moving me from London to São Paulo Brazil, where the Pyramid came to light. In all this, I walked-on alone because I soon realised, nobody could mediate or explain; nor would I blank out the experience or subscribe to religious dogmatism. In view of my experience, I believe I'm uniquely qualified to offer those who wish to pursue such feedback, a thread of their own to pursue, via my art experiment: Using a remote physics laboratory, it exploits our link to Elandar, so you can tune-in and share your insight obtained through it and as a growing, intuitive work of art accessible anywhere.

Albert Einstein, author of quantum mechanics, said: "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant, but we've created a society honouring the servant that forgets the gift”. That ongoing amnesia is the product of our failure to develop synergy with the source of our own creativity. That's why it can so easily atrophy or lock itself in to a tedious loop. It's also why I'm convinced we should inspect the gift more closely. Problem is, we've largely displaced sacredness in the day to day, with a spiritual eclecticism which masks our lack of insight; replaced by perceived rights and responsibilities, all of which distract from the fundamental disconnect. Our disconnection from sacred nature sets us adrift, so we live under her thrall, rather than in conscious synergy. But humanity needs help from somewhere now. Civilization is in a perilous situation, carrying a heavy load, while balanced on a tightrope, feeling blind for the next step.

The problem of developing a guiding vision through an alien force of mind, somewhere hidden within everything, arises because despite all the clues it can provide, the ego always makes us want to believe such a power manipulating us from beyond our senses, must be illusory and we really are free agents. The assumption is reinforced by every law governing society, but what if the spiritual freedom we think we possess isn’t possible, due to the unknown mechanics of the quantum universe as it relates to the source of ideas...the workings of the mind, about which science knows almost nothing? Wouldn't it then be an ignominious state of affairs to pursue even our desires, if they're unconsciously manipulated by a transpersonal intelligence that may be set on harming us... if only to get noticed and listened to?

On the other hand, were individuals able to recognise and synergise with Elandar, could a mutually beneficial liaison emerge? As things stand, the relationship of the hive mind to the individual remains one of parasite and host and we're oblivious to the critical nature of our personal situation. What's needed is a revolution in consciousness. That's where Pyramid Art can help. It represents mathematical evidence for an underlying force of mind beyond the individual, proof also for our potential to develop benign, creative partnership, to achieve what we think of as genius. I suggest this is the paradigm shift needed, if civilisation is to survive itself.

Great Modern Art captures an impression of something unseen. Pyramid Art goes one vital step further because it's generated as a pattern you can contemplate in your own time, to expose to yourself the power within. Here lies the possibility of your own personal breakthrough to timelessness. I offer you that sensational experience, if you'll play along, because in my experience, to make any headway, obstacles must be cleared by exploiting feedback through synchronicity. Essentially the Papolona experiment provides this effect on demand.

Pyramid art was produced by combining information only attributable to a sublime force of nature. I was guided by synchronicity to the information stored mathematically in an obscure pair of binary code sequences. The conventional mind sees this combination as arbitrary, so in its view the Pyramid should be meaningless, but since it's coherently meaningful at every level, convention must be wrong, just like flat-Earth thinkers were, if you know what I mean.

Shakespeare most famously said it best in the play Julius Caesar, when he wrote: "The fault is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings". But, once we're conscious of Elandar and become devoted to partnership, he can work for and through us, by entering into synergy. As a graphic example, consider this challenge to your intelligence, suggesting the hive mind wishes to commune with you 121 and provoke the flowering of your genius. Give yourself a minute, a pen and a blank sheet of paper. Now draw a butterfly with four wings, a body, head and antennae, using just five straight lines. Make the beast look alive and in flight.

Now look at the middle, when the Pyramid's in the point north position, the arrow pointing east, with letter 'N' at the centre suggests a spiritual compass. The instrument points to a representation of transformative feedback, known as the Butterfly Effect. The butterfly is "drawn" like a signature, in one continuous line, changing direction just four times. It describes the butterfly I requested of you above. When the compass arrow is turned to point north and the art points west, as in the red outlined central imagery of the Pyramid, it symbolises a new frontier. The first and last letters of the Roman alphabet... signify a map or guide, while the butterfly, now above, magically appears to change direction 180 degrees. Remember, this symbolism was produced through a simple system, governed by a formula I designed in just a few minutes, guided by synchroncity.

The middle component of the triptych, this Jewel Mandala or JM, is the crucial part of the system. It's a schematic arrangement of psychological archetypes, the eight ancient Chinese, alchemical elements, positioned in a numbered sequence reflecting progress, balance and opposition. The JM is the window where the source codes are converted to symbols. These codes come from the world's oldest constantly used book, a pre-scientific vision of man and nature, known as the I Ching, or "The Book of Changes". The lower code strip of binary coded data contributes to the mathematical system as the most familiar hexagram sequence, named after King Wen. In contrast, the upper code, by Richard Wilhelm, the index arrangement from his twentieth century translation, is unknown in its pictured form. Roughly three thousand years separates them and neither author could have deliberately hidden the Pyramid symbolism in his work.