Pyramid Art


Pyramid Art

By Mark Dolamore 

Just as bright words on this page link to pictures and greater definition, apocalyptic beauty shines through the Pyramid from the holistic core of being... It/he is what makes this systems art triptych project timelessness, and this verifies my claim to synergy with space-time.

Here's why:

The observational process at the heart of the Pyramid is a kind of feedback with nature, employing meaningful coincidences in life, known as synchronicity. We all occasionally get them, along with other anomalies of awareness like déjà vu. The interesting thing is, in these weird moments, a transpersonal mind with its own agenda appears to be at work. Is this imagined or real?

At one point I decided to follow, rather than forget such things to approach this unknown entity. It all kicked off at the age of twenty seven, when a change of awareness overtook me. Synchronicity then just kept building to hundreds of events per day. While shocking and confusing at first, those magical signs insisted I move from London to São Paulo Brazil, which is where this art discovery was unearthed. The gold Pyramid in the header tells the full story.

Synchronicity is the quintessentially spiritual experience betraying a creative level of being, materialist thinking will never grasp. It belongs to what neuroscience refers to as the "Hard Problem", characterising its failure to formulate a theory of mind, explaining all our functions and potentials. The Pyramid represents a watershed because it mathematically reveals shocking new information from the unconscious, and numbers don't lie. The discovery was inspired by the psychological ideas of Carl Jung.

To begin with, complex meaning is expressed in the central imagery of the Pyramid, where you'll see the images of the A and Z monogram, overflown by one of a butterfly. That's remarkable because they're as unlikely as a room full of monkeys playing with typewriters is to produce the complete works of Shakespeare. The Pyramid symbols are put together merely as a systematic combination of archaic binary code sequences. They're transcribed in a novel way, using a mandala structure. The Jewel Mandala acts like the graph paper where lines and circles are plotted as sets via the mathematical system, all guided by synchronicity.

Bare with me please while I jump to seemingly unconnected areas of science now, but it's necessary, to make you aware of the monumental significance of both synchronicity and the Pyramid, as a discovery.

Here's the thing: Science would have you believe in the multiverse. It was first proposed by Hugh Everett, back in 1954, for his graduate thesis. It was then enthusiastically bolted on to the scientific cannon to explain away the Anthropic Principle: the fact our universe seems very finely tuned from its origin to produce life and consciousness.

The godless foundation of science, had been safe since the age of reason. That was now being challenged by the respected astrophysicist Fred Hoyle, who discovered the stellar fusion process responsible for creating carbon, could only be the product of a cosmic intellect, i.e. God. The multiverse concept was a way of defusing that suggestion so offensive to science. However, the adoption of the multiverse was a singularly perverse act, reflecting the atheistic doctrine of science, not a proven fact, since evidence to support it is impossible to acquire.

The multiverse concept proposes an infinite number of universes, all of whose laws are determined by chance, merely to legitimise the claim our own universe obeys laws set at random, not by a supreme being who might be considered the divine ancestor of our lives. We are carbon based organisms, after all.

Logic dictates, if ours is such a randomly "arranged" universe, only meaningless shapes would result from the pattern making process I employed to create Pyramid Art. Certainly no significant meaning concerning the origin of "being" would be likely to emerge from it. But that is precisely what happened, obviously in the middle and throughout this language, the more you look. It actually tells a story, so what could be going on?

The fact my creative process centred on synchronicity as the expression of feedback with space-time is key. Conscious feedback with nature implies there is some unconscious, universal force to feedback with and find the working synergy I claim. But from where could it emanate?

Quantum physics says the whole universe is a quantum phenomenon. Experiments have confirmed, the quantum field (the connected void within atoms) presents a non-local, or timeless force, involved in quantum entanglement (a curious phenomenon that defies relativity). It means that force never needs to travel anywhere because it acts everywhere simultaneously. Essentially its a timeless dimension. Logically it would be responsible for synchronicity and considering it would crack the mind theory problem, and a lot more besides.

The very existence of hidden meaning, expressed through my Art, given its systematic and mathematical structure, proves there must be a cosmic plan; set within a timeless dimension. Where else can the symbolism have been designed and tuned into through my synchronicity? Given the context then, the AZ symbol in the central imagery of the Pyramid also suggests an update to the Biblical Alpha & Omega, beginning and end of the ancient Greek alphabet. That was the symbolism early Christianity used to represent the liberator, or messiah. Above it is a butterfly in flight, referring to liberty, the butterfly effect and timeless beauty as a living beast. The beast is drawn like a signature, in one continuous line, changing direction just four times.

The void makes up more than 99% of the volume of all matter here on Earth, including brain matter, from where it must unconsciously influence our thoughts, whether or not we realise it. My Pyramid Art discovery confirms the universal void has a benign plan we can all tune-in to if we try. This planet is in a perilous situation. We certainly need help from somewhere and we must all work together, subconsciously on purpose, because conscious, "expert" scientific thinking is not above deception and delusion. It's what got us to this point in the first place. Are we going to let its conceit degrade us indefinitely?

Synchronicity had become the dominant feature of my awareness by the age of thirty, so I was positioned to use it as an observation technique directing my enquiry into timelessness down there in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It came to fruition by revealing an interference pattern between two binary hexagram codes. These are found only in one western, twentieth century translation of an ancient, oriental philosophy. The I Ching is the world's oldest constantly used book. As such, the meaning revealed in the Pyramid is proof mathematical of a timeless intelligence, working throughout the ages, unconsciously, both in and beyond the individual. This source of creative impetus can be none other than the quantum field. It would then link all creativity back to the sublime ancestor... the eternal Yang to our, mortal Yin.

The fact we are normally unaware of him cannot be a good thing. For starters he comes across as spooky when we do catch a glimpse. We recoil in horror and confusion, then promptly forget the apparent manipulation, while reasserting the ego as sole possessor of self. The alternative would be to do as I did: Follow his signs and develop synergy over time, to see what marvels emerge.

While I know deep satisfaction will come from your synergy with nature at this level of nature, once you develop it, all I can do is implant the idea and offer you some tools. You may already have experienced the stirrings of the mystery I'm talking about, as a beguiling and apocalyptic form of beauty. That is what shines through the Pyramid, as a catalyst for real-time partnership. I have to say, I think our collective failure as a species, to develop such a creative vision is unsurprising. Pure concepts are so often diverted by powerful elites, at the root of all human woes, hence my mission: to offer Pyramid Art to all as the corrective lens for civilization in its advancing years.

Kenneth Clarke, in his magnum opus "Civilization," said: "All art is in one way or another, about the search for God." Well, eureka! I offer graphic proof of the abstract force synonymous with the Collective Unconscious, hive mind or Divine spirit. To emphasise the need for such a consciousness revolution, Albert Einstein, the scientific genius, and author of quantum mechanics, said: "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant, but we've created a society honouring the servant that forgets the gift”. Our ongoing amnesia stems from the failure to develop a working synergy with the universal source of creativity.

The Pyramid came into being because of my persistence in pursuit of feedback with space-time as an expression of love. The relationship began overnight and developed into an apprenticeship. After some years and miles of travel, I reached a point where I was guided to create the mathematical system, using these antique, oriental binary code sequences, called hexagrams in a formula combining the very first and last to be published. That's a period spanning twenty eight hundred years, pretty much the whole of human history; The system extracts this language. Do you think learning to read it might be worth some of your time and effort? Maybe the first thing is suspend your disbelief at my claims, by acquiring similar experience..

The first few stepping stones to develop your intuitive powers along a tuning-in track are available here as my "Papolona" art experiment. You're invited to become a co-artist. You don't need any art or science skill. Click the butterfly button in this page header and compose some pertinent question(s) about where your life might go from here.