Tune-in to the timeless force of nature.
Play the quantum oracle to develop your creative synergy.

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Remote Laboratory

Quantum Energy Field

Papolona is a fun sci/art, social network project where no art or science skills are needed. It's designed to develop your awareness of a psychoactive force of nature we normally ignore.

Science says the universe, life and everything, is a quantum phenomenon, the product of one source, connected throughout time. If this is the case, the quantum world must somehow condition us, and the effect can be exposed through feedback. This is defined as guiding meaning discovered through intuitive interaction.

Papolona provides your private interface. All you need do is ask questions, follow instructions and record interpretations of the clues it provides. It's all quite easy and the website builds a work of art you can play with and print out too.

Meditation Stone

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Feedback with the quantum force can be sensitized through a one minute meditation technique.

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