Pyramid Art

16. Enthusiasm.

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Above: The Stimulating (69)
Below: The Receptive (8)

Movement is above while devotion is below, indicating a situation inspiring enthusiasm. It’s the time to bring helpers to your cause and to set events in motion towards the goal. Consensus must rule so as to impose nothing undesired.

Laws that reflect popular sentiment can be enforced. Laws that arouse resentment in the group where enthusiasm for constraint is lacking, undermine the very society in whose name they are applied.

Heartfelt enthusiasm can bring mass movements together towards a long needed reform like the inspiring effect of music, building a bridge to our unconscious yearnings, as the ancestors pluck at our heartstrings. Heaven and earth have a mystical meeting point in action when we redeem our lives through sacrifice to its higher purpose. Confucius said: “He who could wholly comprehend this sacrifice could rule the world as if it were spinning in his hand.”