Pyramid Art

18. Repair.

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Above: The Tenacious (1)
Below: The Gentle (3)

You should be motivated to work hard to remedy the situation that’s arisen. This challenge to contribute to an improvement in human affairs refers to trends that degrade others. To remove such corruption don’t ignore it but instead stir up opinion, drawing attention to it before suggesting the remedy.

What is spoiled through the fault of one individual or group should be made good through their hard work. Corruption is not an unalterable fate; but, energetic work is required to reverse it. Be sure to make the right decisions about what action is actually required.

The causes of corruption should be mulled over. Special attention should be given to planning and implementation in the repair process. Caution in the new path should be exercised so as to counter any relapse. Decisive forcefulness must replace indifferent acceptance.