Pyramid Art

24. Repeating.

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Above: The Receptive (8)
Below: The Stimulating (69)

Wilhelm named this hexagram: Return (The Turning Point).

Movement within the Earth means the time of darkness passes. After reaching its lowest point, the pendulum is rising again. Now is the time to plan your moves. Nature is cyclic. It is unnecessary to hurry things artificially.

Everything comes at the appointed time; just as the fallow field becomes fertile. Nothing should be forced, but should be allowed to evolve at its own pace; transformation then comes easily. The old will be discarded as the new is introduced and no harm will result. There’s a time for rest and for action. Premature action is counter-productive. Observe how this applies where recuperation is needed after illness or where there is need for understanding after estrangement, if emotional wounds are not to reopen.

Everything must be treated tenderly on the way to flowering. This is a time for people to come together in harmony. Selfish tendencies are thereby excluded.