Pyramid Art

31. Attraction.

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Above: The Joyous (2)
Below: The Tenacious (1)

The mutual attraction of the genders is portrayed here where the upper trigram is feminine while the lower is masculine.

In courtship the strong, masculine, rising principle will take a position inferior to the weaker descending feminine principle, so they naturally attract and compliment each other.

The distinction between mere seduction and true courtship is that success in courtship comes through perseverance with inner tranquillity. When joy with composure rules, one can hold elation within proper bounds, preventing excess.

Conceited people cannot benefit from advice because they are unreceptive to it. Their lack of receptivity means others care little for them. The spiritually superior person encourages people to approach through a readiness to receive them. How important then for the mind to be humble and free, so as to remain receptive.

Through attraction and engagement one can learn the nature of all things. Attraction between affinities is the general law by which wisdom influences people and only through wisdom can the world attain peace.