Pyramid Art

50. Cosmic Order.

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Above: The Astute (5)
Below: The Gentle (3)

The theme here is the nourishment of able people for the benefit of civilisation.

All experience, everything visible in this world, grows out of the abstract realm, the timeless foundation of reality.

The true value of everything stems from this simple precision taken root in materiality. It’s the religious precept upon which civilisation should be based, lest we forget our true nature.

The nurturing of able people should also follow this directive. Their development is like a collective sacrifice to the abstract order. In the sense that their lives are in many ways devoted to revealing this order to those of us whose vision is clouded by our circumstances.

Who will be venerated for bringing enlightenment, understanding and great good fortune into the world? Nobody knows in advance, so all individuals should be cherished.

The fate of fire depends on the wood feeding it. When the life and fate of able people grows from firm roots, sustainable success is possible for everyone.