Pyramid Art

52. Meditation.

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Above: The Tenacious (1)
Below: The Tenacious (1)

The theme of this hexagram involves the achievement of a quiet heart. This is not possible without technique.

The masculine quality is at the top because it strives upward by nature, but on arrival there is rest as the need for movement has passed.

Buddhism strives for rest through an ebbing away of all movement in the state of Nirvana. The I Ching understands stillness as a state of polarity where movement and rest are interdependent.

Where stillness is at one with the universe, such as in meditation, the movement that follows will reflect one’s attention to the timeless essence.
Daily meditation brings the spiritually evolving person into closer harmony with nature so actions can follow the evolutionary demands of our time and place, fulfilling the purpose of all movement.

In meditation our perception of the body and ego is left behind. The turmoil of the world then no longer dominates so a peace from which to draw strength can reign.
The spiritually evolved person understands whoever acts from the level of inner peace makes no mistake.