Pyramid Art

53. Development.

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Above: The Gentle (3)
Below: The Tenacious (1)

The theme is tranquillity.

A tree growing half way up a mountain, despite unfavourable conditions, grows year-by-year, according to its nature. Over time it becomes firmly rooted and it grows high above other trees where its beauty can be seen from afar.

Tranquillity guards against rashness. Your awareness makes progress, slowly approaching the abstract spirit of the universe, toward partnership. Persevere and good luck eventually comes your way.

Development must be allowed to take its natural course. Impulsive actions are often counterproductive. This is true of any effort that influences others. A badgering approach very quickly wears thin.

Take the time to cultivate your personality following a gentle, adaptive developmental curve and maintain a perceptive inner calm. Perseverance reflects sincerity without which slow progress would degenerate into tedium.

The spiritually evolved person abides in dignity to improve life.