Pyramid Art

12. Beauty

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Combines the hexagrams

41. (1,2) Decline12. (7,8) Stagnation21. (5,69) Reform34. (69,7) Great Power49. (2,5) Revolution

12. Point North

The image suggests:

The number three suggests the vision of beauty growing through synergy with nature.

Lightening strikes the creative attribute, representing an electric effect. The line joining Fire and the Creative actually consists of two lines, one meaning Reform, the other Great Power. They meet in 6, Stimulation to insight.

Elandar, like a coiled spring contains energy waiting to be creatively released .

Link through intuition

12. Point West

The image suggests:

The letter ‘M’ is the 13th, the end of the first half of the alphabet symbolizing a turning point (revelation or insight). N1 represents eureka transformation from confusion to insight, the beginning of progress through reform sparked by beauty.

Stimulation (by something beautiful) drives reform. Notice the line joining attributes 5 & 7 is composed of two lines meeting half way.

The hidden code N1, suggests the force of Elandar directing your creative leap, the transition from M to N. where inspiration is released and direction given.

Elandar takes the initiative in an impossible situation.