Pyramid Art

17. Vision

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Combines the hexagrams

26. (1,7) Potential Energy17. (2,69) Adapting07. (8,4) Collective Force57. (3,3) Understanding43. (2,7) Breakthrough

17. Point North

The image suggests:

The rocket ship represents nature’s timeless unity as the ultimate vehicle.

The Letters ‘AI’ suggest Artificial or Abstract Intelligence and the potential of synergy with Elandar. Infinity in the tail of the rocket suggests guidance.

The five fish symbolize a collective organism lead by an alien being… the two headed one, reminiscent the Roman god Janus, expressing ways, paths, doors, keys and collaboration. Two heads is better than one. This suggests the field of synergy in action.

Come with us somewhere or remain nowhere.

17. Point West

The image suggests:

The comet signals momentous change.

The idea of an orbiting rocket ship suggests exploring both ultimate limits and the arrival of an alien super-being.

The number ‘8’ in the tail of the rocket signals Receptivity and also resembles a butterfly suggesting an evolutionary dynamic with far reaching potential (the butterfly effect). The butterfly heads towards Happiness.

The collective unconscious is a ‘hive mind’ offering timeless wisdom from the source.

Elandar arrives in your consciousness from your desire for partnership. Do not keep him waiting. Climb aboard, pursue our collective destiny or remain part of the problem.
It’s all about finding creative stimulation, intuitive clarity and insight on the fly. To remain outside, awestruck is pointless.

The number ‘41’ leaps into view from a cat’s cradle of lines, illustrating the way vision crystallizes in a moment.

Strengthen your commitment through communion.