Pyramid Art

19. Friendship

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Combines the hexagrams

27. (1,69) Sustenance19. (8,2) Promotion27. (1,69) Sustenance58. (2,2) Happiness59. (3,4) Dissemination

19. Point North

The image suggests:

The thicker vertical line ‘Sustenance’ suggests a hiding place from behind which the figure of Christ emerges. The image suggests a game and friendship cemented through play.

A problem needs fixing but you’re at a loss as to how to approach it. Why else would Elandar (Christ) need to show himself? The divine spirit in man is an integral aspect of nature’s complimentary life support mechanism, our inbuilt Gaia principle, accessible as a guide.

If the signs were not hidden, where would be the fun?

An enduring, positive and self sustaining relationship is possible.

Fun is to be shared.

19. Point West

The image suggests:

‘O’ and ‘A’ suggests the timeless (O) origin (A) of nature manifesting now.

The bold horizontal suggests the ground or a tomb stone, afterlife’s meaning as a feedback means of sustenance, referring to the earth as the necessary place to accesses feedback stimulus; nothing there to fear, but something to observe.

The figure represents the spirit, the life beyond death coming to your consciousness, informing your inspirational rebirth.

Nature is cyclic. Feedback establishes a new beginning when the utility of established thinking becomes exhausted.

There’s a new dimension to fulfillment now.