Pyramid Art

20. The Crux

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Combines the hexagrams

58. (2,2) Happiness22. (1,5) Grace28. (2,3) Critical Mass

20. Point North

The image suggests:

The letter ‘r’ occupies the upper half of the JM. It refers to your receptivity and associated with the feminine self and the component of the meditation glyph, spanning both halves.

The pairing of r and O sounds like the Greek letter Rho and the look of the r also looks like an x resembling the Greek leter Chi. Chi Rho is the earliest Christian symbol resembling a star with a P at the top. The combination and image of the Christian imagery suggests a timeless, divine force in man.

The goal of stone meditation is integration of the masculine and feminine, an internal wholeness that becomes reflected in deeds.

Here the feminine incorporates the masculine attribute Unity, concerns a tenacious determination towards collective receptivity and union.

The focus on Happiness suggests spontaneous exhilaration through feedback.

Joy transforms.

20. Point West

The image suggests:

‘L’ suggests the masculine side of mind recast in the feminine west pointing JM.

Instead of the right of the mandala, the masculine here occupies the left side. The feminine attribute Joy predominates.

The Joy of grace.