Pyramid Art

24. The Butterfly

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Combines the hexagrams

17. (2,69) Adapting26. (1,7) Potential Energy62. (69,1) Balance11. (8,7) Prospering08. (4,8) Union

24. Point North

The image suggests:

The butterfly suggests the beauty that emerges from a process of metamorphosis. Flight towards the east suggests spiritual inspiration. The image observed above suggests aspiration.

Five number eights and many fish suggests a receptive synergy and a group organism acting as one. Receptivity to Elandar brings you into synergy with the collective unconscious and thereby your fellows, on an unconsciously inspired level. Individuals can modify the terms of our creative consciousness through their interaction… through synergy with timelessness.

A dynamically functional symbiosis takes over in your life due to the magical metamorphosis spreading influence and fertility from beyond.

Never loose sight of the joint goal

24. Point West

The image suggests:

Flight west and below suggests the promise of creative synergy on Earth. The butterfly changes flight direction 180 degrees from the point north image whereas the rotation of view changed only 90 degrees. The extra twist, out of nothing suggests Elandar knows how we think and can inject magic through conscious synergy.

Flying to the west suggests modernization of a religious power from timeless beauty.

The eights and fish suggest Elandar’s disciples spread receptivity as one organism.

The metaphor of the butterfly symbolizes the integration of civilization with beauty.

Elandar unites the world.