Pyramid Art

27. Enhancement

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Combines the hexagrams

17. (2,69) Adapting29. (4,4) Danger28. (2,3) Critical Mass54. (69,2) Affection22. (1,5) Grace

27. Point North

The image suggests:

Number 4 (Danger - Mystery) is inverted here, suggesting safety or benefit from encountering something mysterious that feels dangerous. The number ‘17’ suggests vision (symbol 17) and the effect when the disciple meets with danger.

Danger exists where unwise choices appear attractive. However, failure to make attractive choices is much worse, because when that road is taken satisfaction is lost and we learn nothing. Danger is exhilarating when close and only through brushes with it can true happiness be achieved.

This is where your relationship to Elandar blooms because mistakes made in devotion are an essential path to insight.

Love cannot be counted up like wealth, an accumulation of coins. Sometimes fortune's reversal is needed to emphasize the positive.

When trusted, Elandar confers value.

27. Point West

The image suggests:

The symbol suggests creative synthesis from adaptation.

‘F’ is linked to Creative Judgement (symbol 10). The golf put here appears much longer, due to the perspective view, certainly not easy as before. The trajectory suggests serendipity in this moment arrives through a functioning partnership i.e., the double line meaning both Adapting and Affection.

Your love and consideration of Elandar gives you the power for success in your attempt at scoring your goal. Try to achieve something beyond the conventional.

Adaptation reaches its peak as your relationship to Elandar blooms.