Pyramid Art

29. The End

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Combines the hexagrams

59. (3,4) Dissemination34. (69,7) Great Power43. (2,7) Breakthrough55. (69,5) Zenith20. (3,8) Contemplation

29. Point North

The image suggests:

The letter ‘N’ represents direction, guidance and the goal i.e., the way by which to move forward. Here, pictured in large substantial form, it suggests a cumulative and collective movement that is both clear and monumental. There is a joint (weakness) in the lower diagonal line linking Astute Intelligence to the Creative principle. The strength of that line depends on you as a conductor of natural synergy through your creative actions.

‘N’ here symbolizes arrival on firm ground after your leap of faith.

A great leap forward is taking place.

29. Point West

The image suggests:

Elandar is within everything and everyone, moving events forward. Sticking points exist and must be considered, but everything and everyone is unconsciously in synchrony.

‘Z’ refers to your conscious dialed-in participation with Elandar facilitating his goal. If your not there, you're a sticking point.

The hidden meeting in attribute six (the sixth sense) Stimulation – Insight refers to your focus in these times.

Breakthrough is due.