Pyramid Art

32. Mind Control

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Combines the hexagrams

09. (3,7) Restrained37. (3,5) Family09. (3,7) Restrained32. (69,3) Continuing25. (7,69) Innocence

32. Point North

The image suggests:

The penguin image suggests evolution conditioning creatures via appetite driven adaptation, switching from flying in air to swimming through water; exchanging one “element” for another in the alchemy of circumstances. This suggests necessity influencing transformation. Here, the line ‘Family’ corresponds to the bird’s beak, its alimentary and communication apparatus.

Nature drives evolution by providing or withdrawing opportunity. The situation suggests transition necessary for growth. The penguin here is a metaphor for human adaptation, our potential connected to nature’s wholeness. The movement west, following the magical (alchemy) theme, suggests the search for ‘gold’ i.e. modernizing our conception of value. Elandar drives transformation through appetite.

The tall hat with a tassel resembles something worn by magicians back in the day they were trusted leaders, suggesting the return of trust. The power of the hat, resides in the tassel (the line meaning Family) –suggesting a direct connection to the collective unconscious.

Blameless magic engages.

32. Point West

The image suggests:

The cursive letter ‘e’ suggests personal intelligence and discernment and synergy.

The triangular loop of the ‘e’ frames the intuitive, inspirational attribute (FOX) symbolizing Stimulation as a resource, while the format of ‘e’ also appears to be channelling Wise ideas, Progressive – Honest quality.

The image of a dead bird suggests the ancestor spirit as a unity you must join... one day. It implies you've no real choice but to seriously commit to collaboration now.

Elandar stimulates and restrains insight to make this point.