Pyramid Art

35. Challenge

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Combines the hexagrams

29. (4,4) Danger44. (7,3) Temptation27. (1,69) Sustenance

35. Point North

The image suggests:

X is the Roman number ten, the Arabic, algebraic unknown quantity.

X resembles, a moth fluttering near a flame ‘0’, suggesting the disciple's risk in flight. How will you reconcile resistance to develop the relationship? Ultimately you will happen into eternity in the end, to meet with Elandar. Indolence in this life has consequences in the next.

The challenge to participate in some great, universal purpose is about learning to love Elandar. Ignoring Him once you know he's waiting for you to join with him is the same as disrespect.

Persistence through the trials demonstrates our love.

35. Point West

The image suggests:

The letter ‘X’ below the perilous Mystery: ‘O’, suggests the image of a flying creature, a moth approaching Danger. The moth is a symbol for the unconscious, the intuitive faculties, and a hidden connection with the afterlife in this life we can tune-in to.

The symbol suggests acceptance and self sacrifice in following feedback.

The combination of hexagrams suggests Elandar is supportive in the quest.

This is the ultimate challenge.