Pyramid Art

36. Primacy

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Combines the hexagrams

63. (4,5) Achievement45. (2,8) Accumulation54. (69,2) Affection19. (8,2) Promotion45. (2,8) Accumulation

36. Point North

The image suggests:

To love Elandar is to be continually together in spirit, unified within seeing his being reflected everywhere.

The image suggests the origin, ‘A’ advancing through time, while the combination of hexagrams suggests collecting followers.

The number ‘74’ indicates creative mystery and accumulating Conflict. The loss of sovereignty one experiences through following is but an illusion, the opposite of what you think.

The letter ‘A’ is the boldest symbol of the Pyramid also symbolising the best. Its strength is established by the three lines meaning ‘Accumulation and ‘Promotion’, suggesting a gathering force inherent in the nature of being, gathering people… exposing conflict to highlight the possibility of reconciliation. This confirms the value of the Pyramid as an instrument for peace and unity.

I attend to those who express their love for me in deeds.

36. Point West

The image suggests:

Elandar participates in your fate. He wants you to experience meaning and value through synergy.

The lens of his eye is the line meaning ‘Achievement’. Through Stimulus and Insight his reciprocating care comes into play.

He has already said this emphatically: “I am the beginning and the end” – I am the source of being and awareness. The source is the goal of life.

What you work towards now focuses attention in you as a vital component to our collective goal.

Engage me with your goal in mind.