Pyramid Art

38. Love Finds a Way

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Combines the hexagrams

05. (4,7) Appetite47. (2,4) Adversity10. (7,2) Conduct36. (8,5) Censorship61. (3,2) Inner Truth

38. Point North

The image suggests:

The substantial number 17 refers back to symbol 17: Vision... and to the notion of creative tenacity through time (1, 7).

There’s a mismatch between the diminutive number one and the bold, firm (creative, masculine) but cobbled together looking number seven, which disdainfully stands over the digit one. This one suggests an individual and the relationship to the collective or what has already been created. What exists always seems problematic and incomplete, where our vision steps outside of the conventional.
The established seven, seems like an agglomeration of things that may once have been a bold and beautiful ideal (a portico from ancient Greece). The digit one means Censorship, hence a vision of error.

It appears as if the individual, stands with feet under shelter but is pictured leaning out to where the head is unprotected, suggesting the extension of creative territory. The torment involved in creating anything outside the established framework is a necessary sacrifice, shouldered by the pioneer. These are the individuals we must thank for building a door to the future.

The struggle brings value you must not give-up.

38. Point West

The image suggests:

‘Pi’ represents the universal, transcendental and irrational quality of timelessness in reality.

P shelters a sleeping figure suggesting unconscious and mysterious effects protecting our creativity. It means Censorship, suggesting the influence of the afterlife on our creative dreams.

Elandar influences unconsciously, though consciousness can find the route to synergy. You feel it any time you desire to have your creativity guided. Your flow unaided may first gush but then block-up, loop back and repeat. Every creative act is driven by an impulse, an attachment to a cherished root, something attractive. Reason plays a part; certainly, making our projects real and adding imbalance to our world… to the point is must topple and retrace towards nature again for support.

The unstable doorway image suggests impending collapse, while a vital supporting structure gets winched into place. Elandar’s guidance seems like interference, but actually it’s doing important work against gravity.

Wake up and help join the dots.