Pyramid Art

42. Success

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Combines the hexagrams

21. (5,69) Reform56. (5,1) Realization01. (7,7) The Creative39. (4,1) Obstruction01. (7,7) The Creative

42. Point North

The image suggests:

The container the Creative ball drops out of is made of lines whose meaning suggests a reform process amplifying the creative power available.

The combination of hexagrams suggests the obstruction is the Creative process itself, which now emerges as a beautiful object.

A ball ricocheting around the JM suggests a team sport where the ball is passed from one player to another, mapping a necessarily indirect path to success.

Play with confidence in me.

42. Point West

The image suggests:

The image shows an opened tin or jar, releasing the Creative force that looks to be balanced on the edge. The riddle: ‘when is a door not a door comes to mind.

The letter ‘G’ is the seventh of the alphabet. The suggestion is that a complete, universal creative process was hidden, now revealed.

The journey of reform takes many turns to surmount obstacles, but when Elandar works through you in synergy, things happen fast.

Devote your full energy to me.