Pyramid Art

43. Redemption

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Combines the hexagrams

14. (5,7) Sovereignty57. (3,3) Understanding11. (8,7) Prospering40. (69,4) Liberation26. (1,7) Potential Energy

43. Point North

The image suggests:

The image suggests a magical emanation from the universe, pictured in the moment of connection penetrating all with its wisdom. The disciple experiences joy in this relationship to nature. Elandar reciprocates, taking pleasure in the expression of ‘crazy love’.

Fulfilment is ours and is all part of the grand design.

The small triangular eye of the mirthful face reminds us of the source and this gift.

Dreams are fulfilled in joyous partnership.

43. Point West

The image suggests:

The disciple returns from the mountain peak (the Creative), bringing to mind the story of Moses and the covenant, the truth in a new form of judgement penetrating human relationships.

The head of the disciple is in Mystery – Danger suggesting a hard won victory. The feet of the disciple tread the line meaning Sovereignty, so this is a personal discovery the disciples are credited with.

With power to enlighten the world, the disciple reveals some wisdom through their odyssey.

Communicate your insight.