Pyramid Art

07. Supremacy

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Combines the hexagrams

34. (69,7) Great Power07. (8,4) Collective Force06. (7,4) Conflict43. (2,7) Breakthrough14. (5,7) Sovereignty

07. Point North

The image suggests:

States inhabit physical domains. Elandar as the timeless dimension is within every other. An arrow (force) descending from Joy-Satisfaction suggests the Creative force of Elandar seeks happiness.

The symbol suggests a surface with the letter ‘A’ drawn on it by an instrument whose meaning is breakthrough. ‘A’, creative vision advances the function of the Abstract origin. Are you ready to write?

The 3D space pictured within the JM suggests breakthrough into another dimension. An artist creates a 3D illusion through his understanding of perspective. Developing your understanding of Elandar’s timeless perspective (suggested by the letter A) requires creative judgement exercised in partnership.

Elandar unlocks your fulfilment.

07. Point West

The image suggests:

Ultimate satisfaction is derived through action.

The letter ‘F’ forced to the right suggests creative Stimulation and Insight result in Breakthrough.

The message: FAB 7 merges the ‘sixties’ epithet for the marvellous with the idea: Creativity channels Elandar as a sovereign spirit.

When you adapt yourself consciously through your receptive synergy with Elandar, great potential is realised.

Greatness in action.