Pyramid Art

16. Observation

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Combines the hexagrams

27. (1,69) Sustenance16. (69,8) Enthusiasm61. (3,2) Inner Truth05. (4,7) Appetite16. (69,8) Enthusiasm

16. Point North

The image suggests:

The crucifix projects a triangular shadow, as if a light were shining from close behind, from timelessness. The shadow suggests the foundation of the cross, i.e. the basis for life eternal. It refers to the return of the Messiah (the resurrected figure) as a conscious interaction.

The suggestion here is of Christ projected through the Pyramid, reaching toward you, for you to observe and open yourself to. The figure line on the right means appetite, suggesting a hunger for the relationship is needed.

The code letters spell the French word ‘dit’ suggesting eloquence, the sacred word or declaration… meaning from the origin, something crucial to survival… and motivation in life.

Observation means recognition and fidelity.

16. Point West

The image suggests:

The image of a butterfly hunter suggests the crucial moment where the ‘little beauty’ can be captured. The image represents the action that is fruit of your appetite for observation and creative self expression.

You might express ideas verbally, but will you live up to those principles? The triangular net suggests the Pyramid as a hunting tool used to catch something beautiful, your relationship with timelessness. The line representing the hunter means Inner Truth. Wielding the net defines yours.

Capture a vision of beauty.