Pyramid Art

18. Promise

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Combines the hexagrams

23. (1,8) Deterioration18. (1,3) Repair17. (2,69) Adapting30. (5,5) Synergy57. (3,3) Understanding

18. Point North

The image suggests:

The numbers ‘8’ and ‘7’ represent the Creative and Receptive, complimentary universal principles and the coming together of the divide within the self. As a metaphor, it represents the internal synthesis of the masculine and feminine in one vision both can adhere to. Hence a reference back to the JM and the meditation glyph.

The union (pictured on the right) suggests resolved conflict through a mysterious psychological adaptation tuned-in to the innate, dynamic balance of Elandar.

The set of hexagrams suggests union and a long sought ‘healing’.

Polarities are interdependent. When you adapt to the situation with such understanding, serendipity replaces confusion and conflicts to stimulate you into creative action.

They suggest repairing something worn out.

The cure is in adaptation.

18. Point West

The image suggests:

The image suggests exhilaration through a new synergy consciousness.

Rapid evolution comes with an unanticipated price tag.

Your partnership potential with Elandar sounds a racy note, and it needs to; life is short. Fast forward motion requires positive synergy operation. The big problems will overtake those who stand still. Development and repair must be undertaken simultaneously.

The world is in continual flux. Conditions for advancement will not maintain themselves unless you evolve with them. This is no time to apply the brakes. You cannot allow yourself to get left behind. The race is just getting started. The racing line: synergy with nature is a vehicle. We must learn how to drive it together.

Keep on track and enjoy the exhilarating ride.