Pyramid Art

22. Vitality

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Combines the hexagrams

47. (2,4) Adversity24. (8,69) Repeating42. (3,69) Benefit42. (3,69) Benefit64. (5,4) Impending

22. Point North

The image suggests:

The hexagrams suggest ongoing work in a game-like or sporting context. The moment of truth is suggested by the (ball striking) action, intuitively timed at precisely the right moment. Adversity and Benefit appears to be repeated, suggesting skill gained from practice in overcoming challenges. Improvement needs to be conditioned for the moment of truth.

Opportunity drives evolution but if you trip over yourself analysing the situation when swift action is required, your chances will slip through your fingers. You will not act with keen decisiveness unless you acquire decisive confidence in any walk of life.

Risks are best taken in training mode. In your development of synergy it’s no different. Place your trust in Elandar. Consider him as your personal coach; because once you commit yourself, the conditioning becomes vital. Surmounting small obstacles prepares you for the big one.

The work is in progress. Adversity is the sharpening stone.

Hone your ‘edge’.

22. Point West

The image suggests:

The image of a soaring bird suggests apparent ease and freedom of flight. But here the image suggests the difficult bit is not the flying, but safe landing. Even birds, must learn to trust and control their wings. Here the metaphor of wings refers to your intuitive creativity, suggested by the triple number 7. Add to this image the cursive letter ‘h’ and it suggests receptive-creative synthesis; both an acquired and God-given equipment for metaphorical flight, equivalent to the bird’s wing.

The way you develop synergy with Elandar is vital. Building your technical prowess establishes confidence to overcome challenges. Synergy in small things gives you the confidence to tackle the bigger challenge you would not otherwise attempt.

Try, try and try again.