Pyramid Art

23. Careful Promotion

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Combines the hexagrams

49. (2,5) Revolution25. (7,69) Innocence52. (1,1) Meditation41. (1,2) Decline46. (8,3) Advancement

23. Point North

The image suggests:

The big letter ‘R’ undergoing construction is set to fill the mandala. The final component means Zenith and Reform. ‘R’ in the upper case suggests the universal Receptive principle changing you.

Psychologically, both man and woman possess complimentary attributes set by default to furnish appropriate balanced forces. While ‘The Receptive’ is dominant in the female, ‘The Creative’ is dominant in the male.

Operating with optimal balance everywhere is like a tightrope walk. Everyone is watching. Lean too far one way or the other and a tragic spectacle will result. An instrument for maintaining balance is required for safe crossing.

The image suggests an ordeal not quite over.

The focus suggests maintaining balance via Meditation and single-minded tenacity for guiding receptively… a radical, virtuous reform.

See you on the other side.

23. Point West

The image suggests:

The letter ‘N’ falling into place symbolizes union of the material and the abstract, Elandar giving direction. The scene is lit by Meditation.

The symbolic combination of the lantern with the descending (Innocent) figure suggests messianic arrival.

The number 71 paying homage to unity induces this union. The number 71 suggests the passing of life into death and the creative time allotted.

No one is at fault for the darkness before enlightenment. It’s a necessary phase we pass through giving ultimate value to clarity.

Open your creative eyes to synergy.