Pyramid Art

28. Illumination

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Combines the hexagrams

57. (3,3) Understanding33. (7,1) Refuge18. (1,3) Repair

28. Point North

The image suggests:

The image of the lantern symbolizes an understanding illuminating your path forward. This image appears as part of symbol 23 in the point west orientation, where the letter ‘N’ (guiding direction) falls into place.

The bowing number ‘7’ here suggests your creative expression has learned from mistakes and expresses a homage to your guide.

Penetrating clarity and wisdom is emphasized because now you can share the real value of your journey. Both you and your guide can now gain respect.

Bring your insight to others.

28. Point West

The image suggests:

The hoe symbolizes cultivation, careful preparation, loosening compacted ground, removing the impediments to growth.

Take measures upon your self first before you try to enlighten others with them. Focus on the sharp end of the tool: Penetration - Honesty. Examine the situation in the light of how you've transformed it then express yourself.

The preconceptions of your own character are impediments that will stifle your creative progress. Prepare yourself for new growth by identifying prejudice. A time of reflection is needed.

Prepare yourself to best act with the force of Elandar.