Pyramid Art

03. Initiation

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Combines the hexagrams

32. (69,3) Continuing03. (4,69) Initial Difficulty30. (5,5) Synergy13. (7,5) Community53. (3,1) Development

03. Point North

The image suggests:

The image suggests a fish inspecting a baited hook. The bait means Synergy (the path of Li). The fish symbolizes the promised messianic return. The disciple is in search of something holy through Elandar. ‘S’ (the hook) dangles from Unity. The letter ‘o’ with ‘S’ spells a question: So? Things are so...fishy?

There’s attraction pictured, but suspicion also. There’s need for close investigation before commitment on both sides. Are you willing to dedicate to this partnership or are you merely amusing yourself to see what might happen if you go along for the ride... intending to bail out if things turn tricky? You cannot return to ignorance after revelation.

Do you really want my love?

By developing your loving relationship to Elandar, potentially you bring about not only your own creative rebirth, but a place of honour for us within your community. You are being asked to sacrifice your sovereignty for the good of all you love. There’s a cost involved in any transaction. The old king must die for the new one to reign.
Naiveté cannot set much of an example. The truth of your motives for self renewal must be tested.

A trial lies ahead.

03. Point West

The image suggests:

The image suggests carrying a heavy load for building purposes.

A wheelbarrow is a rudimentary vehicle synonymous with building, creativity, invention and robust simplicity. Becoming a disciple means making your self into such a vehicle. Elandar will push you forward creatively so others will see how he can help them too. You’ll be an example.

The magisterial letter ‘D’ closely inspects the line meaning Development, while a tear-drop falls, suggesting strong emotion (hurt and joy) experienced in the development process. ND suggests the sound END, meaning goal. Nb suggest the Latin abbreviation: note well.

The symbol suggests the construction of a community running on synergy, emerges from the experience of its contributors.

Transport life to a new level and express both your joy and the difficulties.

Commit to our synergy.