Pyramid Art

30. Evolution

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Combines the hexagrams

37. (3,5) Family35. (5,8) Progress53. (3,1) Development56. (5,1) Realization62. (69,1) Balance

30. Point North

The image suggests:

The beam engine symbolizes human liberation from conventional limitations, development, energy harnessed to perform for us.

Filling one half of the JM the image suggests reciprocating power, on one side then the other, now fully extended, where the only advance is via return.

The spiritual/creative right hand side of the mandala is vacant, suggesting where the work is due to begin.

The door of an ancient temple or tomb symbolizes a holy secret: feedback with the afterlife.

The search for timeless meaning is the very point of civilization, offering both meaning and potential for advance. Study the first symbol again because there’s a complimentary relationship suggested, since it fills the other (vacant here) half of the JM.

Reciprocation is the path of power.

30. Point West

The image suggests:

The idea conveyed by letter ‘C’ is a growing volume expanding to completely fill the JM, like water filling a bag i.e., half way towards its potential.

The letter ‘C’ represents Civilization as a platform, a stage for the ‘divine play’. Civilization is here represented as a field of action for the individual.

For your potential to bloom, a creative goal must be worked on... but Civilization appears disinterested.

Civilizations, as we know from history, crumble when they run out of transformative ideas. People work together when they can see a realizable benefit, no matter how ambitious. If that image becomes blurred, instead of contributing, people tend to milk the situation. Failure is then not far off. As a disciple of Elandar, you’re pledged to become an inspiring example to others.

Something vital emerges when the pressure of evolution challenges the stagnant establishment.

‘C’ also suggests Consensus (democracy) emphasizing the empty stage.

The stage is lit. Enter and dance.