Pyramid Art

37. The Anchor

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Combines the hexagrams

03. (4,69) Initial Difficulty46. (8,3) Advancement64. (5,4) Impending04. (1,4) Inexperience02. (8,8) The Receptive

37. Point North

The image suggests:

The anchor is an ancient crusader symbol, a metaphor for Christ.

The Receptive part of the anchor allows it to do its work, to avert drifting into danger. It's also your little boat's point of attachment to haul up the anchor when its time to move on.

Elandar prepares for advance.

37. Point West

The image suggests:

The building suggests a modern church. The Receptive attribute, to the right, suggests the door. This is the only visible entrance.

Receptivity is the access to refuge.