Pyramid Art

44. Execution

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Combines the hexagrams

35. (5,8) Progress58. (2,2) Happiness21. (5,69) Reform24. (8,69) Repeating49. (2,5) Revolution

44. Point North

The image suggests:

The axe, the executioners implement, brings to mind the tale of Jack and the bean stalk, the moment where Jack rids the world of the indolent giant. The image suggests the act of breakthrough that necessarily requires removal of the old. The axe is aimed at old stimulation & Insight.

Joyful partnership suggested by the focus at the handle of the axe. It's a metaphor representing the live channel to Elandar and his action in clearing away something that has outlasted its usefulness.

Revolution happens when the time is right.

44. Point West

The image suggests:

This penultimate symbol mirrors the first point north symbol, but ‘b’ here appears laid-back and reconstructed, man made in comparison, with three straight lines and here in the magical point west orientation, suggesting the beginning of a new construction process for civilization as a whole. It also resembles a golf club at the bottom of its swing. This moment of truth, when the ball is struck, which determines our score.

The image suggests aptness, ability, Keenness, Responsiveness forged into the club head, where Joy grips the club. Enjoy this play.

Satisfaction comes through a fundamental seriousness that constitutes the deepest joy. Its motivation is the abiding reason behind the game.

Clarity comes from practice