Pyramid Art

45. Fish on-Line

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Combines the hexagrams

21. (5,69) Reform59. (3,4) Dissemination31. (2,1) Attraction07. (8,4) Collective Force21. (5,69) Reform

45. Point North

The image suggests:

The hexagrams suggest the completion of reform in the reform process.

The image suggests attraction (beauty & love) in the act of hunting. The fishing rod is a metaphor representing skill being exercised. The symbol of a fish is unmistakably Christian, referring to disciples' dissemination or catching followers. The suggestion is of a self sustaining revolution in the way reform itself is carried through.

Christ (God within) is both fish and fisherman symbolically. The fishing line, hexagram ‘Collective Force’, suggests useful, sustaining influence. How else will any of us willingly engage in action where individual autonomy is sacrificed, unless we realize the influence is our own, from beyond this life. Mutual attraction is at work, but also a great internal struggle between what is comfortable and familiar and what is truly of value.

The number code 47 appears. Adversity is the 47th hexagram. The fisherman’s engagement is suggested as a sport, a game, a challenge that involves seriously resolving conflict in both life and death that prevent us from wise action. The ultimate Conflict (7, 4) is this suppression in the mind translated into physical manifestation. A fish on line brings others to play the game.

Let's play as one team.

45. Point West

The image suggests:

The image refers to the rewarding fun of engagement as the disciple of Elandar. He swims hidden within the material world (the quantum field). Metaphorically we are all fish (creatures) spawned of time in a fluid medium. But being human is different. We can understand ourselves as the expression of the source and catch sight of him. Our intelligence reflects his and allows us to be more than puppets on this stage. We can tug at our ‘line’, give sport, find feedback and communion and find direction in partnership.

The fish resembles the number ‘4’, suggesting the unconscious thrall under whose flowing ubiquity all creatures labour. Ours can be liberated on becoming one with the fisherman in play.

Nature may be wild, but Elandar's no beast...