Pyramid Art

08. Direction

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Combines the hexagrams

16. (69,8) Enthusiasm08. (4,8) Union16. (69,8) Enthusiasm33. (7,1) Refuge05. (4,7) Appetite

08. Point North

The image suggests:

The image pictures prevailing conditions, where the disciple is compared to a small boat, a vessel tossed in a perilous ocean, heading toward Mystery. The boat’s rudder emphasizes the need to continually check and change direction while tacking into the prevailing wind, so as to advance.

The image suggests intuitive receptivity; a situation where Elandar partners you to circumvent greater difficulty than you can hope to cope with alone.

The voyage may feel like a lone struggle, but in trusting Elandar’s navigating partnership, life represents something miraculous. Tempering your resolve to tune in your intuition, you engage bigger challenges ahead. Your genius can only be prepared for use by using it. If you encounter a challenge unprepared, the big opportunity will be wasted.

Before taking on the challenge, ask for direction.

08. Point West

The image suggests:

The cursive letter ‘e’ refers to ego intelligence exercised enthusiastically, following direction.

The winged ‘N’ or number 2 suggests a magical transportation via the Pyramid (the triangular wing).

Help is available. Ask and you shall receive. Elandar can bear you aloft above the difficulties. The wing seems small and the flight ungainly in this image but the prospect is for growing accomplishment.

Doubled Enthusiasm suggests meeting of minds, both temporal and timeless.

Vision emerges as a fledgling. Like a bird, you must learn the art of flight on the wing.