Pyramid Art

09. The Catch

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Combines the hexagrams

51. (69,69) Shocking 09. (3,7) Restrained26. (1,7) Potential Energy25. (7,69) Innocence11. (8,7) Prospering

09. Point North

The image suggests:

‘Playing Ball’ with Elandar brings transformation because his timeless magic arrives in an instant to catch within your life. It would be a mistake to anticipate such events. One nevertheless becomes increasingly accustomed to catching the magic in a moment. Even so, mistakes happen, the ball could be dropped. Play represents serious preparation and skills development. The catching skill needs to become second nature.

The image of a breast suggests mesmeric attraction, instinct and nourishment (sustenance of an infant) and error (the boob synonym). Elandar shapes and supports you through your attraction to him as you devote yourself to obtaining sustenance while you learn from mistakes.

Where love endures through trials it grows stronger. This may lead you into unreasonableness, where you expect miracles to flow on demand. Wean yourself off this assumption.

To avoid confusion, build up a vision of the role you will need to fulfill in small steps and tests through practice plays. Playing ball with Elandar is attractive, but eventual success depends on the skills you develop.

Get a grip.

09. Point West

The image suggests:

Elandar shows himself in signs, but is bigger, greater than one can imagine. Only the disciple can appreciate how Elandar acts both within and beyond materiality.

Synergy emerges from sincere self questioning and the acquisition of guidance from action observed. Such feedback answers through metaphors or signs only the disciple can decipher. An intuitive foundation when built to process them brings everything into focus.

The mountain peak represented by the Creative attribute is pictured below the observer, suggesting flight.

When luck comes your way, go with it.

Fly your creative intuition.