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Above: The Creative (7)
Below: The Stimulating (69)

All movement is directed by the creative principle (heaven).

In spring when life starts-up again, beings receive from nature the innocence of its original state. Likewise, spiritually evolved people approach the source of life and are unspoiled by ulterior motives. Society best achieves its goal through the benign origin.

Continuing in innocence means actions often have an unintended outcome. This nevertheless belongs to the creative principle of nature. Since nature unconsciously guides us in all movement, devotion to its spirit within does the right thing instinctively. Perseverance in this spirit of rightness brings about supreme success.

It's stressed devotion to an ideal is a kind of rumination on the rightness of a course of action, as opposed to the instinctive reaction that best serves selfish goals; for when that sentiment rules us, misfortune follows.

Confucius says of those who depart from innocence: “Heaven’s blessing goes not with their deeds.”