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Learn "t" Stone Meditation

Learn "t" Stone Meditation

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Meditation is an ancient practice valid today because it's proven to alleviate anxiety, high blood pressure and to inspire creativity. There are dozens of styles but they all consume time. 't' stone meditation takes just a minute.

Scientific study over more than a century has failed to identify the mechanism at work. MRI scan evidence suggests the focus on a 'mantra' generates certain brainwave patterns, though nobody knows their significance. A mantra can be a variety of things: focus on the breath, words or sounds intoned or silent, pictured images and the like.

Mandala contemplation is related to meditation. It forms part of the triple mantra employed for the 't' stone technique. A mandala brings the vastness of the universe and the smallness of the individual together, prompting the sensation of connection to the pattern, the timeless, universal intelligence of nature. 't' stone meditation integrates the Jewel Mandala. The JM is also the major component of the formula by which the Pyramid language (the language of the timeless dimension) was discovered.

The ancient ideal of the Taoist disciple was originally referred to as the path of Li (fire). It equates to synergy with nature's timeless essence, described as the psychological road where guidance is said to come from Left and Right (L&R - Elandar). The JM produces the meditation glyph, representing the dynamic balance of masculine and feminine inducing creative synergy.