Pyramid Art

13. Revitalize

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Combines the hexagrams

18. (1,3) Repair13. (7,5) Community31. (2,1) Attraction06. (7,4) Conflict21. (5,69) Reform

13. Point North

The image suggests:

‘N’ written large but flaccid represents the directional force understood by the community. The direction (north) resembles a shelter composed of lines meaning repairing what’s attractive, but these, far from offering protection seem to weaken N.

This seems to represent timeless nature caught up in religious movements devised by man.

While advanced understanding is suggested, reason isn’t big enough to understand timelessness. Progress can be made only in direct synergy with Elandar through growing trust in his direction. Discord is rife. There is a desire to restore a meaningful vision. But it’s for each individual to root their synergy within… and advance together as a community of individuals able to repair the damage done.

No progress can be made until wide understanding takes root.

Elandar revitalizes by providing individual direction.

13. Point West

The image suggests:

The image refers to ‘the level 2 mind’ (the unconscious), imparting something to consciousness.

2 moving west, suggests a frontier of reform and modernization that promises riches.

The ultimate frontier is a state of mind where unconsciously we all work in partnership.

Where a conflict of egos exists, satisfaction is to be found in the process of reform capable of dissolving the conflict. What seems chaotic then approaches a transformative unity.

Reform your self-image and be one with me.