Pyramid Art

02. Receptive Care

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Combines the hexagrams

54. (69,2) Affection02. (8,8) The Receptive20. (3,8) Contemplation44. (7,3) Temptation50. (5,3) Cosmic Order

02. Point North

The image suggests:

The Roman nine represents the highest value Arabic digit, referring back to the JM and (6&9): Stimulation - Insight.

Note the images of the first two symbols together suggest: b-9. This sounds like the word benign, something good. It also suggests the focus for your creative evolution. Stray from it at your peril.

Your goal, developed in partnership will be achieved through action in synergy from insight acquired prior to action. Insight prepares you to circumvent obstacles.

Being a disciple is a test of your love of Elandar; the level of care you bring to your action in creative partnership.

Develop your creative actions from receptivity to the insights that come your way.

02. Point West

The image suggests:

The code e-t suggests the Extra Terrestrial (magical alien being).

e-t-o adds the idea of the quantum void everywhere; while toe suggests a Theory of Everything, the ultimate frontier of knowledge: the holy grail of physics.

Your Receptivity to Elandar allows him to help, wherever you are.

Ask your questions honestly .