Pyramid Art

33. Answer-Question

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Combines the hexagrams

20. (3,8) Contemplation38. (5,2) Contradiction19. (8,2) Promotion31. (2,1) Attraction58. (2,2) Happiness

33. Point North

The image suggests:

In relation to the previous image, this symbol suggests the Joy of rebirth.

The woodpecker symbolizes how Elandar can provide clues to his presence while remaining invisible (in the wood). Clues guide disciples in the course of their creative partnership but those same clues remain unseen by others. Elandar can build you a magical home in this world of limitations via your willingness to accept his guidance as the means by which to grow your essential relationship to nature.

The image suggests a readiness to answer your questions from the wood. (Wood in ancient Chinese alchemy is equivalent to the western concept of ‘ether’ from which we get the word ethereal, otherworldly or ghostly.)

You should be willing to commit to action shaped by your dialogue. Without willing symbiosis, how do you expect me to direct your evolution?

What truly motivates you?

33. Point West

The image suggests:

The image is a contradiction. Why would a bird run rather than fly?

A big bird may just need a long run up to take off, or in the course of its evolution, it may have lost the ability to fly. Maybe it’s a fledgling, never flown before. The head of the bird (intention) is the focus of this symbol, signifying Joy. This suggests the search for satisfaction. Its beak, by which it feeds and expresses itself, points to Union -Tenacity.

The hints Elandar offers in answer to your questions are rarely the precise answer hoped for and you’re often left with the impression of being mocked. Perhaps it’s because you ask the wrong question. One should not expect miracles, just accept when they happen.

Viewing the answers offered by the process of listening (running); one might see the analogy between a run-up to take-off and a training program or a long adaptation process. What is the question you truly want answered?

If you have the strength to take provocation and persevere with dialogue, you will win through in the end because the experience will have changed you, brought you closer to nature for the good.

Encouragement is forthcoming, but sometimes unpalatable.