Pyramid Art

39. Consummation

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Combines the hexagrams

08. (4,8) Union48. (4,3) The Source20. (3,8) Contemplation52. (1,1) Meditation50. (5,3) Cosmic Order

39. Point North

The image suggests:

The code letter ‘D’ is up close, in your now moment. ‘D’ and ‘o’ is saying ‘Do’. Elandar prompts to action. His guidance may at first seem unbelievable, odd (oD), but this is a magical engagement. What else would you expect?

The embellishment on this great letter ‘D’ means Cosmic Order, suggesting a surprising and mysterious, rather than painful awareness concerning existence and beauty: “every rose has its thorn”. Timelessness works in synergy only once you summon the courage to follow it, not before, but that means abandoning your ego. This ultimate union must get under your skin, so you can never go back. You will need every ounce of courage to move on it, but then major compensations come into view.

The big pointy hat seems to refer to symbol 32, the magician’s hat and the dead bird image. Here the hat is fat and broad, full of spirit, an ample fit for a big mind or partnership of minds, your partnership with the collective unconscious mind. The tassel referred to Family before; here it means Cosmic Order and the idea of universal influence as fitting and all-encompassing.

The focus resembles a heavenly body, a planet, suggesting physical presence within the Earth.

Demonstrate your crazy love.

39. Point West

The image suggests:

The large triangular nose of this face suggests the Pyramid. Elandar makes you put your money where your mouth is.

Devotion through Meditation brings vision, ‘Cosmic Order’ down to Earth. Communicate your perceptions.

This is not a pose or an act you can fake; it’s about love beyond life.

True devotion isn't passive, it makes something happen.