Pyramid Art

40. Metamorphosis

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Combines the hexagrams

03. (4,69) Initial Difficulty49. (2,5) Revolution30. (5,5) Synergy51. (69,69) Shocking 53. (3,1) Development

40. Point North

The image suggests:

Creative-Receptive union fills the JM. Receptivity is shown in the notation of the JM (8) while Creativity in shown in the notation of the I Ching (three unbroken lines). Lines connect all the JM trigrams except the Creative and the Receptive, indicating completing the union of opposites.

The image of a singing or screaming head suggests a metaphor expressing passion and amazement at union. The open mouth suggests broadcast expression of this ‘mystical’ synthesis.

Express your insight loud and clear.

40. Point West

The image suggests:

Gifts descend, increasing in size towards the east. They suggest transformation and new spiritual synthesis. The improved synergy with Elandar Stimulates and provides Astute Insight, the biggest gift, suggests benefits, through feedback, transform everything. Tuned-in Receptivity reaches a turning point where greater creative gifts are conferred.

The inverted snowman suggests warming temperature, a new spring, global warming. The inverting hourglass also suggests a new beginning and time run out. The baby suggests birth or rebirth, a subconscious development become real with new life ahead expressed in consciousness.

The relationship with Elandar develops from creative/receptive synthesis. From small beginnings comes a new, vital understanding.

An amazing outcome arrives.