Pyramid Art

06. Trust

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Combines the hexagrams

50. (5,3) Cosmic Order06. (7,4) Conflict60. (4,2) Limitation14. (5,7) Sovereignty15. (8,1) Moderation

06. Point North

The image suggests:

The letter ‘t’ is ready to give birth, suggesting the child/fruit of love is due to emerge through labour and not without some pain. Great meaning is coming. ‘t’ suggests the meditation glyph and the idea of commitment and ‘trust’ in the abstract.

Partnership with Elandar carries great risk on both sides. If you’re sincere in your desire, be not afraid. The child of our union will emerge, but the Labour required to bring it to light could be long.

This idea of pregnancy suggests the re-birth of self from the mystical union with Elandar; something only possible if love exists. You must prove it.

Do not become over eager, but build soberly. Unlike blind faith, trust requires the personal investment of time and trouble to develop understanding. The trial ahead is inevitable and by letting things happen naturally, you confirm your commitment and mitigate the inevitable pain.

This will be a lifelong love affair.

06. Point West

The image suggests:

The continental number 70 suggests the Biblical ordained span of life (three score and ten), and by implication, it refers to death and the afterlife pictured as a goal. The word ‘to’ inverted literally means ‘from’ (death).

The creative products of your union with Elandar in this life, endure in your timeless spirit. The numbers 7 & 0 superimposed symbolises a union between conscious creative and the timeless (abstract) unconscious.

The ball spectacularly scores down the line of Moderation into the top corner of the goal, suggesting the expression of supreme skill in normal or modest progress.

Scoring the ultimate goal, where life comes to fruition through feedback with timelessness inspires all who witness it to become one with the collective unconscious.

Your approach bestows merit as an act of trust.