Pyramid Art

15. Prudence

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Combines the hexagrams

22. (1,5) Grace15. (8,1) Moderation51. (69,69) Shocking 38. (5,2) Contradiction03. (4,69) Initial Difficulty

15. Point North

The image suggests:

The number 401, along with the combination of hexagrams, refers to problems acquiring conscious Synergy and fulfilment with Elandar. Over anticipation will prevent you gaining the advantage sought. Stick with the program. Remain modest and prudent.

You must reconstruct your sense of subjective - objective balance so your partnership with Elandar emerges with something attractive. Tests you take-on define your limits and prevent overblown expectations.

Contradictions may cause you to pull back, but remember you’re a disciple and follower and all will be well.

Consideration and sincerity are important.

15. Point West

The image suggests:

The code L - O - I (Letter Of Intent), suggests firm commitment. Have you made it yet?

The term Li - ‘0’ suggests the path of Li, where synergy with nature comes from the quantum void, Elandar.

The words ‘do I’, and ‘I do’, suggest a marriage vow. It’s a life commitment and sometimes hard work, but represents the only true value.

The word ‘di’ refers to luck and a relationship between two parties.

The image of a ball being dragged up the line of Moderation suggests painstaking, sometimes painful progress that must be constantly maintained against natural resistance. The tests passed along this path will prove your love and ultimately bring satisfaction.

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